Mobile Darts

How To Play:

Using three darts per round, reduce score to exactly 0 by subtracting points based on where the darts land. The outer ring with the numbers denotes how many points to subtract. The thin outer ring earns double the points. The thin inner ring is triple. The bulls eye, a double bulls eye, scores 25 and 50 points. A round's score is subtracted after each round unless it results in a bust (a total score of less than zero). The game ends when the last dart lands on a","double and the player's resulting score is 0. In two player mode, the first to do this wins.


  • [FIRE] or [OK] stops aim meters and throws the darts during game play. On menu screens they mean select.
  • [6] improves aim by moving the aim meters around.
  • [UP] / [DOWN] changes choice on menu screens.

Have fun!

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